I have the pleasure of welcoming you to RPS College of pharmacy for higher studies. Education today has wider perspectives. It stands for more than obtaining a degree and getting a job. We hope all of you in course of time; will be involved in some way or other towards solving the problems of society and in creating a better future. The academic environment has been changing the world over in pursuit of new dreams, new ways of catering to social needs and pursuing innovations. The digitization and virtualization of academic activities alone in the last two decades have transformed the educational scene and they are now making it possible to universalize higher education and have a large mass of educated people for economic development. Entrepreneurship-related activities which were once regarded to be relevant only to major universities as an extension of their innovation activities are sweeping like a wave through the educational campuses. In fact, it is being argued that it is only through the institutions using their knowledge base and their young enthusiastic students In entrepreneurial activities that the tough problems of job creation, environment, poverty, and health can be addressed. Considering the changed expectations it is now for you people to think of possibilities of a life of thrills, self-realization, and adventure. India is acknowledged as a ‘Soft Super Power’, meaning that it can seamlessly apply I.T. in areas like filmmaking, fashion, animation, health, and other cultural areas. It is in the area where the entrepreneurship possibilities are most visible and it is only a matter of time before they get harnessed and new ecosystems are created. RPS College has firmly resolved to encourage entrepreneurship promotion activities at all levels. We believe that besides changing the thinking it improves the employability of the students, their soft skills, and worldview as well. I hope you may find life at RPS more exciting, challenging, and geared toward the future.

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